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Commissioning a landscaper to create your dream garden is an exciting experience, and because we can take care of everything, once you have signed off on the design, you can just sit back, relax and watch your new garden evolve. From concept to construction we’ll take you through a 3 step process to deliver your own slice of paradise.

1. Design and Planning

2. Hardscaping

3. Softscaping

Design & Planning

The first stage in creating your ultimate garden is to come and meet you on site. It's easy to book a site meeting simply call or contact us through our contact form.

Initial Site Meeting

If you have a good idea of what you want, we’ll listen to your vision, build on your ideas and inspire you with our creativity. If you don’t know where to begin, we’ll discuss concepts, understand how you want to use your garden, we’ll inspire you with pictures and talk you through what’s possible. We’ll also talk about budgets. We pride ourselves on excellence, and we’ll work tirelessly to deliver you the best-looking garden that your budget can buy. While we are on site, we’ll take all the measurements we need and assess the condition of your soil.

Design Development

Next, we’ll come back to you with some landscaping designs and preliminary costings. Presenting the designs to clients is such a joyous experience for both you and us. It’s the stage where your vision starts to take form, and you can actually visualise what your new garden design will look like. Your design may be in sketch form or for larger more complex projects we use 2D or 3D computer generated designs. To make your design come to life, you’ll be given exclusive access to your own page on our website. This is where your design is developed revealing photographs of different plants, tiles, pavers, pots, water features, firepits etc selected for your landscape. We aim to delight all of our clients, so we’ll gladly make tweaks and alterations to the initial design until we refine and craft the perfect landscape for you. 

3D Renders of your landscape are available

Planning your landscape is an important stage of any garden. How will you use the space, what features will you like. 


Once you have signed off on your design, we will schedule a start date. The first part of any landscaping project is what's called the hardscaping. The hardscaping is quite literally installing the the hard landscaping materials used to create your environment such as concrete, pavers, fencing, retaining walls etc


The first thing we take care of is any earthworks. We’ll bring in the heavy machinery used to carve out the landscape and prepare the surface for paving, retaining walls etc. and lay any infrastructure required such as stormwater channels, cabling or irrigation pipes.


Once the groundworks are completed then the fencing, perimeter pathways, pavers, driveways, retaining walls, and any screens, water features or raised garden beds are physically installed. This is where the garden really starts to take shape, and you can get a real sense of how the final product may look and feel.


With all the physical infrastructure in place, your garden will now be brought to life with plants, shrubs, trees and flowers to create colour and atmosphere.

Soil preparation

We’ll start by bringing in any soils and premium mixes for garden beds, followed by the subsoils and loams ready for the lawns. Preparing the soils is a vital stage in creating the perfect environment in which your vegetation can thrive long term. Edging and planting Next, we’ll construct any borders and edging, lay the lawns, and plant your vegetation. We’ll install your irrigation, add any pebbles required for features and to finish off we mulch the gardens.

Clean up and presentation

To complete the process, we have a thorough clean up and present your new garden to you as if we were presenting a show home. This is one of the most enjoyable parts of the job as we take great satisfaction in watching our client's faces light up with joy upon seeing the finished garden.

“Brett's team of landscapers were very efficient, tidy and friendly! ”

It was a pleasure working with Brett and his team on the design and landscaping of my front yard in Mawson Lakes. Brett was very responsive and took into account my ideas, providing very useful advice and guidance along the way. His team of landscapers were very efficient, tidy and friendly! The end result is amazing!!

Sarah, Mawson Lakes

Maintaining the Magic

Not only do we present you with your gorgeous new garden, but we can help you maintain it too. We’ll make sure your garden thrives and always has its wow factor, so you’ll never lose that fresh new show home garden feel.

Our complete maintenance service includes

  • Mowing and edging
  • Weed extraction and management
  • Fertilisation of plants and lawns
  • Checks and adjustments to irrigation systems
  • General clean-up of leaves and debris from patios, paths and driveways
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