Once you have signed off on your design, we will schedule a start date. The first part of any landscaping project is what's called the hardscaping. The hardscaping is quite literally installing the hard landscaping materials used to create your environment such as concrete, pavers, fencing, retaining walls etc


The first thing we take care of is any earthworks. We’ll bring in the heavy machinery used to carve out the landscape and prepare the surface for paving, retaining walls etc. and lay any infrastructure required such as stormwater channels, cabling or irrigation pipes.


Once the groundworks are completed then the fencing, perimeter pathways, pavers, driveways, retaining walls, and any screens, water features or raised garden beds are physically installed. This is where the garden really starts to take shape, and you can get a real sense of how the final product may look and feel.

“Brett's team of landscapers were very efficient, tidy and friendly! ”

It was a pleasure working with Brett and his team on the design and landscaping of my front yard in Mawson Lakes. Brett was very responsive and took into account my ideas, providing very useful advice and guidance along the way. His team of landscapers were very efficient, tidy and friendly! The end result is amazing!!

Sarah, Mawson Lakes

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